Advance Turbo Flasher (ATF)

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Unique Hardware Features:

    * 480 mbps HIGH-SPEED USB 2.0 Connection ( First In World )
      - PC connection is 40 times faster than any other box in the market
    * 100% FPGA based implementation of the flash bus protocols( First In World )
      -Significantly faster and more stable than regular MCU based boxes
    * Adjustable VCCIO Logic Levels (3.30v, 2.80v and 1.80v)
      -Compatible with old phone model Logic Level (3.30v)
      -Compatible with new phone model Logic Level (2.80v)
      -Compatible with future phone model Logic Level (1.80v)
    * Proper ESD protection on the FLASHBUS port
      -Protects phone damage due to Electro Static Discharge
    * Ultra Fast Flash Clock currently upto 15 Mhz (First In World)
      -Firmware updatable to support upto 60 Mhz without the needof hardware modifications
    * Internal VPP Flash Voltage Generator (3.0v, 5.0v, 9.0v and 12.0v)
      -Makes Flash Erasing on slow phones faster
      -Does not require external power adapters to generate 9.0v and 12.0v
      -Uses a Fast Switching SEPIC design
    * Hardware Upgradable using internal Expansion Slots
    * Micro-SD Card Slot for future developments
    * Dual RJ-4x Ports (RJ-45 and RJ-48) for External Communication
      -The RJ-45 Port is the main "Turbo" Bus
      -The RJ-48 Port is the Secondary Bus that can be made
      to support parallel or serial protocols such as 2Mbps UART,JTAG, and Flashing Protocols.
    * 5 Multi Colored LED Indicator Lights
      -Rectangular Orange : FBUS_RX
      -Rectangular Green : FBUS_TX
      -Circular Blue : USB_POWER / ACP-X_POWER
      -Circular Green : VBATT
      -Circular Orange : VPP

Unique Software Features:
As the Name Itself says its a powerful tool which can flash all Nokia phones including new protocols via Fbus cable in unbelievable speed and stability in compare of any other 3rd party tool which currently present in market

- New Protocols Device X3 ,X6 ,E52 ,E55 ,6700 ,etc and all Rapuyama Fbus Flashing (First In World)

- High Speed Turbo Flashing with Full Speed (First In World)

Tuning & Maintenance
- Life Timer Tuning not only reset but you can write your desire life time(First In World)
- Factory Reset
- Warranty Edits
- Production Data Edits
- Camera Configuration Read/Write

Imei & locks
- Unlock Using Code Calculation so no more damages to phone warranty or certificates (Supports SL1 SL2 & Some So called SL3)
- Unlock / Relock Using RPL Method
- Super Dongle Key Repair

PM ( Permanent Memory)
- Read Write Permanent Memory Using SX4 Server

Phone Test
- For Self Test Phone Features






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