GPG Dragon Dongle

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What is GPGDragon Dongle ?

GPGDragon's Team Presents GPGDragon Dongle. This is not a Box. This is Dongle from GPGDragon's team. This dongle work on almost all kind of boxes. if you Commzero boxes like Avator Box, IQ-Doctor Box, Super Doctor Box, MTK-BOX, UCT-BOX, ET-BOX, Hyper Box etc This dongle will work Super fine. On all Commzero Boxes GPGDragon's Dongle can Pinfind & Perform all kind of functions...

GPGDragon's Dongle Have All Function & Features and it will continue updates same as GPGDragon BOX !! in other words you can use ALL GPGDRAGON Softwares on this dongle and All other boxes owners can use All GPGDRAGON's Software with this dongle on your own boxes !!

If you don't have any CommZero boxes like Masterbox etc then This dongle will not PinFind about them. you have Detect pinout from their box's Software and click on Set pinout and then open Dragon's Dongle software select your box's comport and do your work !!

GPGDRAGON Dongle is nothing else that all features of dragon box for all chinese box users. You will use dongle to run main Dragon exe and use your own chinese box ( such as Avator, UCT, Superdoctor, etc ) to pinfind the phone.
This is giving you the opportunity to give a second life to your dead box!!






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