GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Track and Monitor to your Vehicle, Driver, Staff, Kids, Family etc...
Tracking &
Security Anytime! Anywhere!

* 24/7 live location tracking of vehicles via SMS or our Web Tracking platform
* You can search track report by date and time via our Web Tracking platform
* Over speed alerts

Terms & Conditions:
* Extra Charges of one year subscription to Web Tracking platform
* Installation charges extra depain your city or country.
* Device can be installed easily at any car accessories shop.
* Must put your GPRS Enabled GSM Simcard to the tracker

1. Keep the unit dry. Any liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage the inside
2. Don’t use & store the unit in dusty places.
3. Don’t put the unit in overheated or overcooled places.
4. Handle carefully. Don’t vibrate or shake it violently.
5. Clear the unit with a piece of dry cloth. Don’t clean in chemicals, detergent.
6. Don’t paint the unit, this may cause some foreign materials left in between the parts.
7. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.
8. Please use the battery and charger provided by manufacturer. Using other batteries
and chargers will cause unwanted situation.
9. Don’t dismount the antenna randomly, or use other antennas. This may interfere the
transmission, and increase the radiation as well.

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