IR-Key for HTC & Android Phones

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IR-Key for Android Phones

Details: http://www.ir-key.com/

Feature of this version is:

*    Unlock and root of all prescriptions. (Directly and installation)
*    Unlock pattern lock - Gmail - user locked.
*    Upgrade all partitions. (In the states - Fast Boot - HBoots - recovery with the new method)
*    S-OFF a lot of HTC handsets.
*    Making Gold Card with an easy way to break even for the phones.
*    PHP code via a direct replacement boot.
*    Create and change animated boot. Quick and Easy
*    Installing applications with different features
*    Making a Rom completely independent partitions. Fully automatic
*    Construction and installation of automatic recovery.
*    Making Gold Card - downgrade - Root - unlock - through the recovery menu.
*    File management with complete facilities.
*    Imaging in stationary and mobile.
*    Install Android OS and Linux Firebird. On Windows Mobile.
*    Pattern Lock with 3 unlocking method of recovery mode on boot.
*    One click root without downgrade.
*    Unlock network lock.
*    Root, a new way.
*    Making gold card with the new method.
*    Commander added to all orders for the Android.
*    Troubleshooting error messages when handling an official ROM.
*    A new way to install ROM cuastm. (CWM Flasher)
*    Build and install a boot animation from pictures and personal videos.
*    Making Diag file to calibrate various handsets.
*    Controlled by a computer, mobile phone with picture.
*    View performance of the mobile phone and save it.
*    Added S-OFF the phone number fast and easy.
*    Fix some of the flaws in the program and ...
*    One of the most important parts that have been added to the program download the original rooms, which are fully automated and easy way to tame your required time.
*    Definition updates automatically.
*    And many other features ....







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