K7 Anti-Virus Premium (1 User 1 Year)

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Comprehensive Device control

  • Set read/write/execute access to external devices.
  • Scans USB disks as soon as they are plugged in.
  • Prevents malicious autoruns when any external device is plugged in.
  • Vaccinates USB drive from getting infected.

Carnivore - Zero day threat blocking

  • Detects & Blocks PDF based exploits

Carnivore - Drive-by-download blocking

  • Detects and blocks browser exploits
  • Detects malware based on its behavior.

Vulnerability Scanner

  • Detects and informs the user about vulnerable applications that can be exploited to infect the computer.

Enhanced Scan Engine

  • Enhanced detection capability for general Malware / Flash-based Malware and PDF based Malware

Enhanced Real Time Scanner

  • Smart file scanning algorithm to have zero load on your system.
  • Capability to detect exploits in any file type

K7 Bootable Rescue CD

  • Use the product CD as a bootable rescue disc, scan your system and remove the viruses [only for offline purchase]

      Smart Firewall

  • Stealth mode keeps the system invisible while connected to the Internet
  • Improved network connection identification while connecting to any new network.
  • No prompts, automatic decision making when any trusted application connects to the internet.
  • Smart IDS to stop network based attacks.
  • Fine grained configuration for security users.

      Bonus Tools

  • Windows Temp Files Cleaner
  • Internet Temp Files Cleaner
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • USB Vaccination


  • AntiVirus
  • Anti-malware
  • Anti-Root kit
  • Zero day threat blocking
  • Host intrusion prevention
  • Comprehensive Device control
  • Two way Firewall & IDS
  • Bonus tools
  • Rootkit scanner







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