UFST Box by SarasSoft

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UFST is a multiplatform box that support most common phone models like Samsung, Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG and many others.

Technical Specifications:
1. High Speed USB interface (480Mhz carrier)
2. On board High Speed USB Hub
3. On board uUSB RID control (Samsung, LG JIG emulation)
4. High Speed UART communication up to 3.686.400 Bauds
5. High Speed Fbus transfer, up to 16Mhz
6. Programmable BSI resistance
7. On board Vpp generator (12v)
8. Custom Vbat, Vpp , Rx, Tx and BSI connector
9. Universal uUSB cable with all possible modes for Samsung and LG
10. USB / UART switching on same Universal Cable
11. Samsung Android devices Factory Programming Mode (FPGM)
12. First time in USB using USB3 cable
13. Smartcard Protected

Package Content:
* UFS Turbo Box - 1 pc.
* Connection cables - 4 pcs.






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