Universal China Tool (UCT Plus)

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Universal China Tool (UCT-Plus)

Universal China Software in association with ET-BoX Team is proud to announce there new hardware "UCT Box".
The latest and most advanced platform for chinese phones in the market. With UCT, you can now do a lot extra with chinese phones.
All CPU Support, Fastest & most accurate pinfinder, SpreadTrum full support (no extra hardware needed) and much much more.
New UCT BoX has the ability to self test itself and report errors in case of any malfunctioning.

SpreadTrum (SPD):

    [SPD] Add SPD 6800H Support
    [SPD] Read Info, Read Code, Read Flash, Write Flash
    [SPD] Added Read NV & Write NV
    [SPD] Support all 64M, 128M Font
    [SPD] Retention of expert mode, can customize the file address & write file options
    [SPD] Improve the communication protocol
    [SPD] Increased the search cipher function
    [SPD] Improve the search screen saver password algorithm
    [SPD] Perfect written algorithm, can boot after written
    [SPD] Full Erase before Flash (Need Tick Experts Mode)


    [MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533C Support
    [MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533D Support
    [MStar] Add Mstar SMW8533N (NAND 64M) Support
    [MStar] Add Mstar 8533C\8533D\8532 (NOR 32M) Support
    [MStar] Auto Select Boots, easy working
    [MStar] More Best Function Mstar Read Code Form Flash File

MediaTeK (MTK):

    [MTK] Add MTK CPU Support
    [MTK] Read Info, Read Flash, Write Flash, Auto Format Address
    [MTK] MTK Last Boot Ver v5.1209.00 Added
    [MTK] Support MTK CPU 6250 & 6252
    [MTK] Correction of MTK CPU Boots 6253, 6225
    [MTK] Add MTK Factory Set New Function
    [MTK] Add MTK New Flash Support
    [MTK] Add MTK 6253 More Support
    [MTK] Fix Flash Fail Bug in MTK CPU Mobile
    [MTK] Fix MTK 6250/6252 Boot Fail Bug
    [MTK] New Flash Support SF_GD25LQ128


    [UI] Flash Support More than 50 Type
    [UI] Add Pattern unlock Support
    [UI] Add Function For Auto Connect Box
    [UI] Intelligent automatic processing the file zone size


    [FW] New Firmware 1.60C
    [FW] Improved Scanning for all China Mobiles
    [FW] Add new MStar Boot
    [FW] Added Auto Pinfind support for MStar
    [FW] Added a real-time detection Signal
    [FW] PinUSE can understand Mobile was Connect normal or not 

Package Content:
2) Main Cable
3) USB Power cable
3) User Manual Book ( Hindi & English)
4) 31 Jigs






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